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How to analyze big data to enhance the purchase journey


How to analyze big data to enhance the purchase journey

Big data can be overwhelming. Here is how to use predictive lead scoring and persona-based marketing to analyze big data to drive business.


How Will the IoT Affect CPG Brands?

Bud Light is officially selling smart fridges that let you know when you're almost out of beer. Is this a fun novelty item, or does it show how CPG brands will be impacted by the IoT?


Brand vs. Brand: Social Media Showdowns in World of Marketing

Marketing via social media platforms like Twitter lets brands communicate directly with consumers and each other, creating a chance to challenge competitors and assert dominance.


The 3 Reasons Online Advertising Campaigns Fail

There is a fine line between success and failure in the digital marketing industry. Ensure your brand strategy is primed for prosperity by avoiding these mistakes in your next campaign.


Could Google AMP Be Better Than Facebook Instant Articles?

Google has initiated “Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)” to help articles load instantly. While it sounds just like Facebook Instant Articles, AMP will serve as an open source.


10 B2B Brands That Are Killing It on Social Media

Here are 10 examples of large B2B companies that are increasing their brand's awareness by cleverly leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Welcome to the Next Generation of Rank Tracking

To keep up with the progressive evolution of the search engine ecosystem, selecting an efficient SEO rank tracking platform is essential.


Email Primetime: Connect with Customers on Their Schedules

When is the best time for your brand to connect with its customers via email to experience optimum levels of engagement? Here’s some advice to help you effectively target your audience.


Europe’s Highest Court: Safe Harbor Data Sharing Between EU, U.S. Invalid

U.S. companies are not allowed to transfer the EU citizens' personal data to the U.S., a decision that will jeopardize both regions' digital advertising marketplaces, industry experts say.


Digital Marketing People on the Move: GE Has a New CMO

This is a roundup of new hires and promotions in the digital marketing industry during September of 2015.


Personalization Helps Amazon Prevail

It's no secret that Amazon is the retail sector's biggest disruptor. As to why that is, BloomReach research found top-notch personalization to be the e-commerce giant's greatest strength.


The True Value of Social Listening

Can digital marketers collect valuable data by exclusively listening to social chatter? Here's why it's important to accumulate and analyze consumer insights from diverse sources.


Email Interaction: Tell It Like It Is

One-click emails are an efficient way for consumers to share personal preferences with brands and provides email marketers actionable data that can be used to enhance the customer experience.


How Asia Leads Innovative Shopping Experiences

Innovation in Asia has resulted in retailers creating e-commerce environments that can cater to consumers' needs, in order to yield positive and ultimately profitable user experiences.


No Single Channel Excels in China as Consumer Touchpoints Expand

Marketers in China face an ongoing challenge when choosing and integrating the increasing number of touchpoints needed for a positive brand experience.

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