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10 Best Social Media Wins of 2014


10 Best Social Media Wins of 2014

From ice-cold water to some seriously funny tweets, a lot of brands did social right in 2014. Our experts ranked the year's best of the best in social media.


63 Percent of Global Digital Ad Spend Will Go to Mobile by 2018

eMarketer predicts that next year, advertisers will spend $64.3 billion on mobile advertising, up 60 percent from 2014. And by 2018, mobile ad spend will reach $159 billion, or 63 percent of global digital ad spend.


Does Your Content Connect?

While it's not easy to create content that connects with consumers, it is possible. Here are three tips to help you achieve desirable results.


PPC Marketers Prepare: "All of the Things" Are Coming

What can PPC marketers expect in the coming year? To put it bluntly, they should prepare themselves to be ready for "all of the things."


Welcome to 2015 – The Year of Proficiency

The coming year will be one of no excuses for marketers, as we're forced to adopt the "buzzwords" of yesteryear that have now become accepted terms in our industry.


The Last Mobile Holiday?

In our increasingly mobile-focused world, it's becoming unnecessary to label a holiday "mobile," as going forward, all holidays will intrinsically be centered on the mobile space.


The Smart Home: The Last Frontier

Just what exactly is a "smart" home? Columnist Stephen Hay explains the relationship between a house and the Internet, and how marketers stand to benefit.


Common Mistakes When Translating a Website

Website translation is about so much more than just language – SEO, cultural nuances, design, and localization all play a role.


Twitter/Foursquare Partnership Could Be Game Changer for Marketers

Earlier this week, rumors began to circulate that Twitter and Foursquare are on the verge of partnering to improve Twitter's location services.


McDonald's Experiments With Geo-Marketing in Georgia

As McDonald's struggles to capture the mobile Millennial demographic, the world's largest fast-food chain outfitted one city's franchises with beacon technology, with much success.


IKEA Spain's Christmas Ad Creates Buzz Without Being Pushy

IKEA Spain has released a holiday ad that uses an emotional Christmas experiment to create engagement and goodwill without heavy branding.


10 Worst Social Media Fails of 2014

We've consulted with ClickZ's experts to pick the year's worst brand fails across social media. Did your choice for biggest misstep make the cut?


Marketing With Emojis

Brands are beginning to embrace the visual power of marketing with emojis. Could these fun little pictures be right for your business?


The Future of Online Advertising - Are We There Yet?

A look at a piece written a whopping 18 years ago gives a glimpse at what columnist Jim Sterne thought the future of digital advertising might be like in "the future." Did his predictions come true?


Combining Web Analytics Behaviors With CRM Data in the Sitecore Experience Platform

A review of the Sitecore Experience Platform Analytics features and how marketers can best use it to their advantage when it comes to analyzing customer data.

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