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What Produced Such Huge Gains for Facebook's Mobile Growth?


What Produced Such Huge Gains for Facebook's Mobile Growth?

In Q2, Facebook’s mobile ad revenue increased 74 percent from last year, driven by Autoplay Video Ads and Carousel Ads, according to industry experts.


Digital Makes Brands Think About Back-to-School Shopping Sooner

As the Internet has people starting back-to-school shopping earlier than ever, Nordstrom and Forever 21 are two retailers whose clever campaigns stand out this summer.


CBS to Move Super Bowl Ads Online: Can Iconic Brands Learn from Smaller Campaigns?

Reports are circulating that CBS will stream this years' Super Bowl ads online, a space that has traditionally been dominated by smaller, more nimble brands.


Optimize the Buyer Journey with Respectful Retargeting

Retargeting has traditionally been about who's converted and who hasn't. But with the amount of available data, marketers now have to take a lot more consumer behaviors into consideration.


Domino's Urges Competitors to Make Basic Pizza with Online Classes

Domino’s has built a virtual campus to teach its competitors how to make gimmick-free pizza. Will this campaign take off?


Emotion in Ads: Does Sentiment Sell?

Brands like Coca-Cola are increasingly integrating emotional intelligence into their digital campaigns to measure success via consumer sentiment.


The Social Commerce Fantasy

Using organic posts to get people to click, explore and then buy is difficult to optimize and scale. The Holy Grail is to build full buying experiences within the post itself.


Our Smartphones, Ourselves

Our smartphones have so much data on everything about us, from our sleeping patterns to our shopping habits, they've become extensions of ourselves. Just how much of that data do marketers have access to?


Why the Mathematician Is the New Creative Genius

Generic marketing is no longer an option in the digital age. Personalization and behavioral intent - thinking about consumers' mindsets, rather than their demographics - are crucial for success.


Retailers Bumble Mobile As Parents Blow Off Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping is becoming less important to families in the U.S. How should retailers respond to this change?


4 Social Media Buzzwords You Should Not Stop Using

All digital marketers should keep the following four social media terms in their vocabulary.


How to Engage Your Audience with Native Advertising #CZLSF

In San Francisco, Lauri Baker, vice president of content partnerships at AOL, will discuss engagement as it relates to the line between sponsored and organic content.


4 Ways to Improve Audience Insights Through Collaboration

Today's socially and digitally engaged customer needs to be understood on a personal level,so any team that gathers insights must be an active part of the audience insights approach for your company.


Eyes Wide Open on Viewability

Viewability still poses its challenges for advertisers but the more viewability is introduced as a standard on campaigns, the quicker the quality will improve.


Pandora's Sponsored Listening: How Less Interruption Could Create More Engagement

Pandora's Sponsored Listening ad offering has exited beta, giving listeners 60 minutes of uninterrupted music and allowing brands to target content to their ideal audience.

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